Personal website design Pt. 1

What do you need when creating a personal website to advertise your business?

You need a website set up to advertise your business, hobbies or other interests if you want to grow your audience or list of clients.

The aim of your website will have a large weighting on the functionality of your website. For example if you require regular content updates you will need a blog feature implemented. Personally I use WordPress for it’s plugin support and attractive web interface.

Blogger and tumblr are widely used as blogging platforms for many personal websites. Blogger offers you fantastic tools for posting blogs easily without a cluttered interface and Tumblr succeeds in this regard even more so. Tumblr does offer simple posting, the most simple of these three examples in fact. It all comes down to preference, I’m constantly on the look out for the best blogging platform, let me know of alternatives in the comments!

Research the following if you need a blog on your personal website

Written By Adam

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