Skype for business in a Volvo

Adam 21 Jan , 2017 0 Comments Computing, General Interest car, microsoft, skype, tech

Everyone who has been on the internet in the past few years has likely heard of Microsoft Skype, the application I regard as the successor to Microsoft Messenger. Now Skype for business is to launch on a select range of Volvo cars. Fantastic for business people on the move. What are your thoughts, does this make you want to buy a Volvo?

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Privacy online

Adam 07 Oct , 2016 0 Comments Computing, General Interest email, privacy, protection

Always a hot topic, maintaining privacy online has become increasingly difficult in recent years. We should use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to protect ourselves, along with web proxies to hide internet traffic from our PCs.

Never give your email address to a website you do not trust, it will lead to unwanted emails and can potentially add you to lists that you do not want your email address to be on.

Keep your credit card details safe, opt for a payment service such as paypal when you are purchasing when it is available for extra payment protection.

A prominent news story where privacy tactics such as the above were not used surround the arrest of a torrent website owner. Although this could be considered justice, it does highlight that some people are simply not aware of the ways they can protect their identities online.

Video games helping university improve self driving cars

Saving time while advancing technology is always a good idea. Several research groups working with self driving, or autonomous cars as they are more widely known in the tech world, and video games to build a datastore of information that will help vehicles navigate their way through daily life.

Artificial intelligence computer systems requires some base knowledge, although they can increase stored data exponentially they still will need a starting point to build smart algorithms.

A few teams have come up with the innovative idea of using the popular video game franchise grand theft auto to create such a datastore of information.

To save time mapping real life objects, the teams have used existing data and their own custom analysis tool to map objects in the game for use with autonomous vehicles.