Bar in Hove blocks mobile signal on purpose!

A bar in Sussex has opted to block mobile phone signal within their establishment to encourage socialising and conversation between it’s customers.

The JD Wetherspoons chain in the UK has a similar concept, the restaurants do not play music to encourage conversation. However they do not block mobile signal and in most (if not all) offer free WiFi to their patrons.

Is it too far to block mobile signal, I think so, visitors should be able to make their own decisions about communicating with friends or family. The article raises some interesting questions about technology addiction and if we may have become addicted to online communication.

Lessons learned from the Pokemon Go launch

Adam 05 Aug , 2016 0 Comments Computing, Video Games android, pokemon, video games

Do not jump on the bandwagon too quickly, it could harm your phone if you download applications that are not downloaded through your device application store as some users found out when installing a copy of Pokemon Go a few weeks back that had remote control code installed with it

Most were not effected, but a select few may have fallen victim if this has not been detected so quickly.

Android phones as default will not allow you to install third party apps, it can be dangerous to do so. Be wary and if in doubt, talk to someone for a second opinion!

.web domain suffix sold

Big news floating around the web today.

Most web addresses end with .com but two days ago an auction was ran for ownership of the .web address which resulted in the suffix being sold to a company called Nu Dot Co the BBC reports.

Seven companies took part in the auction, with Google being one of the unlucky ones.

The address sold for 135 million dollars.


To purchase a web address, get in touch

Mobile Phone

iPad Mini or Nexus 7 tablet computer, which would suit me better?

Nexus 7 or iPad Mini? Let me know what you think below!

iPad Mini
Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad

A big debate has arisen thanks to the increase of tablet computers in the modern home and office environment.

Should I buy a Nexus 7 or an iPad Mini?

This particular post is aimed at assisting you with choosing between the iPad Mini and the Nexus 7 tablets. These tablets are both small (just shy of 8 inches).

The main argument against the Nexus is the fact it’s the first edition of the tablet series by Google, in comparison the iPad Mini, although the first of it’s class from Apple inc. is the fifth in their generation of tablets. This could lead to the assumption by critics that the iPad has had more research and development funding accredited to it, including more feedback from satisfied or unsatisfied customers. However, this argument can be extinguished by defenders of the Nexus tablet thanks to the size of Google as an organisation, including their large R&D team and their market knowledge thanks to devices such as the iPad and the recently released Microsoft Surface tablet.

In terms of storage the devices are well matched however the iPad takes the lead thanks to it’s 64GB offering with some models.

Pricing is a massive factor for some people and the Nexus 7 does not disappoint in this regard at a price around £170 GBP it is very affordable. In contrast the iPad Mini will cost an extra hundred at £270 GBP. Other tablets are available for anything between £70 GBP and £800 GBP (approx.)

Software is a big attraction for Apple inc. customers, many users flock to the devices thanks to the companies ethic of simplicity. The team over at Google are not renowned for this attribute. After using the devices myself, (the Nexus 7 more so) , I would say the iPad is defiantly easier to use, but the Nexus offers more customisations out of the box.

Jailbreaking has been around for years when it comes to Apple devices, offering users more customisation and greater access to their devices. It’s use is questioned by users as it can break the devices warranty in some instances due to its questionable intent, however many people ignore this fact. Android devices such as the Nexus can be cracked too, but this is less heard of thanks to the official interface and applications that are available being as appealing as they are to users.

For IT literate users, or rather users with a bit of a passion for tinkering

I would suggest the Nexus 7

as out of the box the software does seem to offer more features to users than the Mini. However, for users who simply want a “pocket sized” device with standard features that just work, I would suggest the iPad which coincidently offers more applications to it’s users thanks to it’s long term following.

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SSD (Solid State Drive vs HDD) Hard Disk Drive

The purpose of this post is to point out a couple of key differences between solid state drives and hard disk drives.

I have had this debate going around in my head for a little while now as I’m in the process of building a new computer.

The main attraction of an SSD is the read/write times, the device will allow you to access your files quicker than you would be able to with a HDD. This seems like a fantastic feature of course, because the faster you access your files the faster you can get what you need to completed.

However, on the flip side the electronic failure rate of an SSD is usually the main disadvantage to using the device. Solid state drives will in most cases, fail quicker than a hard disk would in the same computer.

HDD - Hard Disc Drive
Is a HDD more reliable than a SSD?

Hard disk drives are mechanical devices and do suffer from failures, however because of the robust structure of these devices it is far less common (when purchasing new devices). So should you be worried about purchasing a solid state drive, after all you don’t want to lose valuable information.. I think the answer is no. It’s likely that you use memory sticks on a regular basis and these can fail from electronic issues, although you probably would not be worried about losing quite as much information as most people don’t have large capacity usb sticks.

CD’s or DVD’s are fairly common and these can suffer from read/write failures much like a hard drive from physical damage such as a scratch or crack. I myself have had hard drives fail because of scratched disks.

In conclusion I believe that although SSD’s are not without their faults, they are the future of data storage. They have been around for a while now and the technologies used in their creation have advanced even in this fairly short time. Personally, I would be happy to use a SSD even for my main operating system. Of course, I would also backup the drive to a HDD if I had one spare; just for peace of mind.