Nintendo re-release classic games

Nintendo have successfully noticed that their recent Pokemon Go app has increased their customers attention. They have also, it appears at least, noticed that they do not need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to gaming. In response to this they have announced the NES Classic Edition which comes pre-loaded with 30 games!

The rumour is that the device will never have more games added, but if you want to get hold of a cheap device to play some classic games then it is well worth looking into.

Keeping in touch with consumer trends is very important and it is nice to see Nintendo doing this now, especially with their previous years performance.

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Interesting read – man automates tasks at the office

Adam 16 Jun , 2016 0 Comments General Interest automate, interest, work

This article highlights ingenuity and laziness at the same time.

I always appreciate when an article like this one surfaces, hearing about developers who automate tasks to make their lives easier always sets off a spark in my brain to do more of this myself.

Unfortunately when a developer goes so far as automating repetitive tasks to make his work day less hard and do less work, that is when I see the issues with this approach to work.

We can all develop solutions to make our lives easier, but automating work for the sake of doing less is never a good idea. Very interesting read!

Online Shopping Habits

Adam 08 Jun , 2016 0 Comments General Interest china, habits, interest, technology

I saw this article late last year and thought that it was worth saving, to think about all of the things I have purchased online in the past year.

I purchase things on Amazon all of the time, each month probably one or two things. Perhaps this is normal, perhaps a little over the top! Who knows.

This article is an interesting read none the less.