Social Media Tactics

Stumbled upon a very interesting article a little while ago, it discusses old tactics for social media. Referring back to a few years ago when it took very little effort to contact people and get noticed online.

Nowadays it is harder than ever to stand out on social media, not least because of the ease of sign up that most platforms now have. Pinterest and Facebook both now display alerts when viewing content on their websites if you are not signed in asking you to sign up to see more.

With more and more companies getting online. you need a plan to get big and noticed on social media sites.

The key point of this article is to highlight that your brand should be approachable and personal.

Get your twitter account verified!

Users can now apply for their accounts to be verified.
There are quite a few hoops to jump through, but it is now possible, it was not until recently and the coveted verified tick was rare.

Some statistics online suggest (none of which are particularly reliable, not worth linking) that currently around 220 accounts are verified a day. It could be a while before your account gets verified.

If you have a brand that is suffering due to copycats or you simply want to improve your account and appear genuine to your clients definitely apply to become verified.

The full article can be seen here.

Consider a different domain name

Choosing a domain name is important, it can form a picture of what a user should expect when visiting your website before they even open up their laptop. If a business adopts a silly domain name you would not expect to see a crisp, almost legal looking website when you visited that address. Many companies struggle to chose a name simply because of availability. Everyone wants the .com and in this country the version of addresses but these are not always readily available.

Many companies are now choosing to use the .eu or .org domain addresses to avoid competition for website URLs. This is a perfectly valid approach!

If a company desires they can also point multiple addresses to a website if they desire, meaning they could purchase the .com TLD later down the line when they are established on a .eu domain for example. Wikipedia says that “26% of .eu domain names are redirects for existing national TLD or .com websites” which shows the huge trend in this sort of domain name choice.

This article describes how many large companies are moving towards custom or brand specific domain names.

Get in touch with me to discuss domains or for more information regarding your next project.

Tumblr dropping in value

It’s been a while since I last used Tumblr. Twitter filled the need for me, it meant I could post to whoever wanted to follow me, like Tumblr did, but without the pressure of adding images or videos to grab users attention on the platform.

A shame that the stock value is falling for Tumblr, on the positive side it does open up the opportunity for other services to grab the attention of the users on their.

Yahoo paid £830m for the company in 2013 – but it has since had £541m slashed from its valuation.

The BBC state that users have been unhappy with the slow release of new features, something that has become crucial in the web in recent years.

Tumblr has also not responded to mobile users as much as other services, such as Facebook, by adding mobile advertising. Ad revenue is huge for sites with traffic at the levels that Tumblr has and almost all commercial websites should consider implementing advertisements on their websites to increase revenue.

There are many non-intrusive adverts that can be placed on websites. Send me an email to find out more.

Tips to speed up your website

It is critically important that your website loads as quickly as possible.

In some cases it can be hard to optimise your website and make it go faster, especially with website with large databases or websites which have large quantities of images on them. However, this does not mean you shouldn’t try to optimise your website. In fact Google announced back in early 2010 that site speed will effect your website ranking when your site is scanned by their algorithms.

“Faster sites create happy users and we’ve seen in our internal studies that when a site responds slowly, visitors spend less time there.”

Google went on to say that improved site speed can lead to reduce costs in terms of website maintenance, I agree to a certain extent. I think that a faster website could mean that compromise can be made on the hosting server you are using or plan to use, but I think that where the website budget allows, faster servers should be used to compensate for future growth of the site and the number of visitors accessing it.

Modern Servers in a rack
Servers in a rack

Issues you may have with a slow website could involve any number of things however most issues can be attribute to the following website elements: images, javascript, and stylesheets.

Google offer a fantastic tool for working out what issues could be effecting the load speed of your website which can be found here.

JavaScript files can be compressed, various tools exist which will reduce the size of these files. Click here to perform a google search for this. Other similar tools exist which can compress your stylesheets. Click here to google search for CSS compression tools. If you would rather not use an online service to compress your website code then you could use desktop applications such as Notepad++ or Adobe Dreamweaver to perform this task manually. Notepad++ is free under the GPL license and does offer some automatic compression tools.

A good tip to keep in mind is that your web pages will load your site code from the top, which means if you have a lot of JavaScript or css files in the <head> tags of your website then your site may appear to load slower, to help combat this try putting references to JavaScript files at the bottom of your site. You will still want to load your CSS style sheets first however, so that the website appears as it should when a visitor comes to the website.

Click this link to go to another post about reducing image file size.(will update when post is live)