Video games helping university improve self driving cars

Saving time while advancing technology is always a good idea. Several research groups working with self driving, or autonomous cars as they are more widely known in the tech world, and video games to build a datastore of information that will help vehicles navigate their way through daily life.

Artificial intelligence computer systems requires some base knowledge, although they can increase stored data exponentially they still will need a starting point to build smart algorithms.

A few teams have come up with the innovative idea of using the popular video game franchise grand theft auto to create such a datastore of information.

To save time mapping real life objects, the teams have used existing data and their own custom analysis tool to map objects in the game for use with autonomous vehicles.

Playstation Pro released

Sony has announced the follow up console to the playstation four. The playstation four pro has now been added to their website, it shows capabilities such as 4K streaming and a slimmer console. Advantageous for some with new televisions capable of viewing this ‘ultra high-definition’ viewing experience.

Also allowing for upscaling of content to HD or 4K from HD the console will boost the experience of users without 4K televisions.

Clarification that PS4 games will play on both versions of the console has been confirmed, which means you do not have to sell your standard version of the console just yet! The upgraded console will offer game developers more power to display high definition graphics which Sony hopes will boost user experience.

Lessons learned from the Pokemon Go launch

Adam 05 Aug , 2016 0 Comments Computing, Video Games android, pokemon, video games

Do not jump on the bandwagon too quickly, it could harm your phone if you download applications that are not downloaded through your device application store as some users found out when installing a copy of Pokemon Go a few weeks back that had remote control code installed with it

Most were not effected, but a select few may have fallen victim if this has not been detected so quickly.

Android phones as default will not allow you to install third party apps, it can be dangerous to do so. Be wary and if in doubt, talk to someone for a second opinion!

Nintendo re-release classic games

Nintendo have successfully noticed that their recent Pokemon Go app has increased their customers attention. They have also, it appears at least, noticed that they do not need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to gaming. In response to this they have announced the NES Classic Edition which comes pre-loaded with 30 games!

The rumour is that the device will never have more games added, but if you want to get hold of a cheap device to play some classic games then it is well worth looking into.

Keeping in touch with consumer trends is very important and it is nice to see Nintendo doing this now, especially with their previous years performance.