China streaming court trials

Adam 01 Jan , 2017 0 Comments General Interest china, webcam

China has begun streaming court proceedings, this could be fantastic for public awareness. What do you think?

Some trials will inevitably be excluded due to sensitive information. Perhaps Chinas forward-thinking will stretch to other parts of the globe.

Man caught speeding in delorean

Adam 21 Oct , 2016 0 Comments Uncategorized films

The famous film trilogy back to the future centres around a time machine that reaches 88mph to travel back in time. Rarely seen due to the small number of these vehicles made, it’s unusual to hear about them in the news.
However, one man reached the famous 88mph speed. He unfortunately did not travel back in time, as I think he would have wanted, he actually got a speeding ticket. 

Contesting the ticket in court, the gentleman got away with it. According to the guardian the policeman who caught our hero was unable to attend the court hearing and the man was found not guilty due to the lack of testimony.

What is cPanel and why should I use it?

If you are working with Linux web applications then you have likely heard of cPanel.

cPanel is a control panel for websites which provides a tools to simplify the process of hosting a website. cPanel offers a suite of tools for administrators, resellers and website owners to control the their website and administrate their servers through a website browser.

In addition to the interface most who have used the system will be familiar with, cPanel also offers API access that allows third party software to be developed against and automate system tasks. Find out more about cPanel here

Get in touch if you would like to discuss website hosting more

Privacy online

Adam 07 Oct , 2016 0 Comments Computing, General Interest email, privacy, protection

Always a hot topic, maintaining privacy online has become increasingly difficult in recent years. We should use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to protect ourselves, along with web proxies to hide internet traffic from our PCs.

Never give your email address to a website you do not trust, it will lead to unwanted emails and can potentially add you to lists that you do not want your email address to be on.

Keep your credit card details safe, opt for a payment service such as paypal when you are purchasing when it is available for extra payment protection.

A prominent news story where privacy tactics such as the above were not used surround the arrest of a torrent website owner. Although this could be considered justice, it does highlight that some people are simply not aware of the ways they can protect their identities online.

Geocaching throwback

Adam 03 Oct , 2016 0 Comments Fitness, General Interest fitness, geocache, pokemon go

We used to go geocaching when I was younger, it was fun looking for plastic containers with key rings, magnets and stickers in them. Some even used them to share their business cards.

A fun thing to try once, even if it is a little weird to be darting about a field looking for a small lunchbox sized prize.

These are a fantastic excuse to get out of the house and see something new. If you are a Pokemon Go fanatic, why not GeoCache too?