Most Valuable Player Winner

Adam 12 Feb , 2015

After working for Travel Insurance Facilities for a year I was nominated and won the most valuable player award for my contribution to the business. Over a hundred people voted, the speech was in majority written by my manager. I have omitted some details for privacy reasons.

“Over the course of the last year Adam has consistently demonstrated many of the qualities relevant to the award.

He has always been ready to listen and take responsibility for issues from a number of different sources, sometimes many at once and works well with all parties to resolve the customer’s issue.

Positive feedback has been received from all levels and areas within the company and also from suppliers and clients.

The implementation of BugNet as a means of tracking issues has been successful, having brought more structure and visibility to the relevant processes and procedures, which has definitely had an impact on productivity for many areas of the company.

Adam has been called upon to provide discretionary, out of hours support and has done so happily and successfully, going over and above in order to maintain the financial performance of the business.

Adam regularly asks how people are and if there is anything he can do to help.

The breadth of the commitment and contribution from Adam is the reason that I nominate him for the MVP Award.”

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