CDNs and why you should use one

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) can serve your website content from localised servers to your website visitors. What that means in business terms is your clients should recieve your content faster!

CDNs also allow you to protect yourself from attack (Denial Of Service) by distributing your traffic across many servers. Many providers, such as cloudflare also offer a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to better protect you from threats.

Consider a CDN for your website and defend against attacks, proactively.

Netflix servers mapped by small team

A research team has requested details from the Netflix computer network and used this to map where their servers are located. The team wanted to assess the size and power of the network and have done so thanks to some extensive testing.

Servers where Netflix steams reveal addresses which can be mapped to a geolocation and along with several requests for this information the team from the Queen Mary University of London were able to plot these locations on a map.

The Netflix network of servers is large, you can read more about it here.