China streaming court trials

Adam 01 Jan , 2017 0 Comments General Interest china, webcam

China has begun streaming court proceedings, this could be fantastic for public awareness. What do you think?

Some trials will inevitably be excluded due to sensitive information. Perhaps Chinas forward-thinking will stretch to other parts of the globe.

Futuristic bus released in China

Adam 03 Aug , 2016 0 Comments General Interest china, technology, travel

China have done it again, they have released something futuristic.

The bus that sparked online confusion when a concept was released in May is now on the road.

The bus runs on two rails parallel to each other on the sides of roads.

The company behind the bus want it to reduce road usage and replace many regular busses which would reduce emissions in the country.

Online Shopping Habits

Adam 08 Jun , 2016 0 Comments General Interest china, habits, interest, technology

I saw this article late last year and thought that it was worth saving, to think about all of the things I have purchased online in the past year.

I purchase things on Amazon all of the time, each month probably one or two things. Perhaps this is normal, perhaps a little over the top! Who knows.

This article is an interesting read none the less.