Social Media Tactics

Stumbled upon a very interesting article a little while ago, it discusses old tactics for social media. Referring back to a few years ago when it took very little effort to contact people and get noticed online.

Nowadays it is harder than ever to stand out on social media, not least because of the ease of sign up that most platforms now have. Pinterest and Facebook both now display alerts when viewing content on their websites if you are not signed in asking you to sign up to see more.

With more and more companies getting online. you need a plan to get big and noticed on social media sites.

The key point of this article is to highlight that your brand should be approachable and personal.

Nintendo re-release classic games

Nintendo have successfully noticed that their recent Pokemon Go app has increased their customers attention. They have also, it appears at least, noticed that they do not need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to gaming. In response to this they have announced the NES Classic Edition which comes pre-loaded with 30 games!

The rumour is that the device will never have more games added, but if you want to get hold of a cheap device to play some classic games then it is well worth looking into.

Keeping in touch with consumer trends is very important and it is nice to see Nintendo doing this now, especially with their previous years performance.

Consider a different domain name

Choosing a domain name is important, it can form a picture of what a user should expect when visiting your website before they even open up their laptop. If a business adopts a silly domain name you would not expect to see a crisp, almost legal looking website when you visited that address. Many companies struggle to chose a name simply because of availability. Everyone wants the .com and in this country the version of addresses but these are not always readily available.

Many companies are now choosing to use the .eu or .org domain addresses to avoid competition for website URLs. This is a perfectly valid approach!

If a company desires they can also point multiple addresses to a website if they desire, meaning they could purchase the .com TLD later down the line when they are established on a .eu domain for example. Wikipedia says that “26% of .eu domain names are redirects for existing national TLD or .com websites” which shows the huge trend in this sort of domain name choice.

This article describes how many large companies are moving towards custom or brand specific domain names.

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