Get your twitter account verified!

Users can now apply for their accounts to be verified.
There are quite a few hoops to jump through, but it is now possible, it was not until recently and the coveted verified tick was rare.

Some statistics online suggest (none of which are particularly reliable, not worth linking) that currently around 220 accounts are verified a day. It could be a while before your account gets verified.

If you have a brand that is suffering due to copycats or you simply want to improve your account and appear genuine to your clients definitely apply to become verified.

The full article can be seen here.

Consider a different domain name

Choosing a domain name is important, it can form a picture of what a user should expect when visiting your website before they even open up their laptop. If a business adopts a silly domain name you would not expect to see a crisp, almost legal looking website when you visited that address. Many companies struggle to chose a name simply because of availability. Everyone wants the .com and in this country the version of addresses but these are not always readily available.

Many companies are now choosing to use the .eu or .org domain addresses to avoid competition for website URLs. This is a perfectly valid approach!

If a company desires they can also point multiple addresses to a website if they desire, meaning they could purchase the .com TLD later down the line when they are established on a .eu domain for example. Wikipedia says that “26% of .eu domain names are redirects for existing national TLD or .com websites” which shows the huge trend in this sort of domain name choice.

This article describes how many large companies are moving towards custom or brand specific domain names.

Get in touch with me to discuss domains or for more information regarding your next project.

More tips for improving your search rankings

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Html5 markup, aside, content. There are more ways now to add meaning to your content. Adding in new elements to your HTML code can be a great way of distinguishing content.

Faqs, tips, blogs make sure that you are  regularly adding content. Some systems allow for post scheduling so that you can build up a list of content and post it regularly. Pick a release schedule that fits with your product, try to post as often as possible making sure the few hundred words you write are meaningful.

Content post dates are important, these can be annotated with special schema markup. Go to and check which code is appropriate for your website.

Ensure you have no broken links on or too your website. These will negatively impact you in search rankings as users would visit your site and be presented with errors.

As a sidenote make sure you have error pages setup to handle potential problems with your website or application. Keep in mind users will need a new destination to go to when reaching these pages so you may want to add navigation links here.

Navigation around your site has to be of paramount importance, search engine bots need to be able to see all the content on your website in order to check it’s validity for search engine ranking. Sitemaps can be used to assist with this. I recommend having an XML version for search engine robots and HTML for human interpretation.
Consider paying for sponsored adverts, if you do not have the time or ability to keep reoptimising your website consider paid per click advertising. There are downsides to this,  some users choose to block these ads and of course you will have to pay for the site entry and not sales conversion.

Keep content light, big calls to action are the best way to convert a paid referral link because the content does not need to be optimised. Use live chat if possible to assist in converting PPC clients.

Quick SEO tips to improve your search rankings

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Here’s a few tips that will help you on the way while implementing your SEO strategy.

Keyword optimisation is only part of an effective SEO plan.

When you need to expand there are lots of additional techniques you can use to try and improve your rankings.

Analytics must be included and monitored. It is crucial that you check feedback of all your hard work. Correctly implemented SEO will be easy to monitor, make a mistake and bounce rates may increase.

Google keyword search, find this in your Google adwords account it can help you find relevant keywords for your site.

Backlinks, social networks etc are massively important. Contact other sites and ask them to link to you, offer to link their website too but try and do this after they have added the link to you so that you are both on the same page!

You could buy backlinks, if you are to do this make sure that you know exactly what you are getting. Noone wants a list of backlinks from unreputable sites that are not going to increase their traffic.

Research companies who could create meaningful links for you. Search engines do take links to your site into account when indexing because it shows content relevance and interest.

Content content content! You can’t have too much – at least for the moment. It used to be best practice to have a third of high keyword intesity content and then the rest of the page was irrelevant.  This does not seem to be the case now. Keep your content quality high and relevant.

Headings and Meta data are important. Search engine crawlers will check the relevance of your content against the headers.

Reducing image file size quick tip

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Image filesize needs to be reduced for the best website loading speed. Thanks to new updates with the Google search algorithms, even loading speed is taken into account when analysing the quality of your website content.

There are many tools out there to help you with reducing image filesize the easiest of which is probably using MS paint if you are using a computer running windows (forgive me I do not know the osx alternative).
Use MS Paint if you need a quick no frills filesize reduction and do not need transparency. Save as a jpg or another format, you may see positive results from GIF or BMP.

More advanced users will have Photoshop installed or another free alternative GIMP.

To learn more about image compression click here and send me an email.

Leave a comment below if you have any tips for increasing page load times!