Skype for business in a Volvo

Adam 21 Jan , 2017 0 Comments Computing, General Interest car, microsoft, skype, tech

Everyone who has been on the internet in the past few years has likely heard of Microsoft Skype, the application I regard as the successor to Microsoft Messenger. Now Skype for business is to launch on a select range of Volvo cars. Fantastic for business people on the move. What are your thoughts, does this make you want to buy a Volvo?

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Bar in Hove blocks mobile signal on purpose!

A bar in Sussex has opted to block mobile phone signal within their establishment to encourage socialising and conversation between it’s customers.

The JD Wetherspoons chain in the UK has a similar concept, the restaurants do not play music to encourage conversation. However they do not block mobile signal and in most (if not all) offer free WiFi to their patrons.

Is it too far to block mobile signal, I think so, visitors should be able to make their own decisions about communicating with friends or family. The article raises some interesting questions about technology addiction and if we may have become addicted to online communication.