What is cPanel and why should I use it?

If you are working with Linux web applications then you have likely heard of cPanel.

cPanel is a control panel for websites which provides a tools to simplify the process of hosting a website. cPanel offers a suite of tools for administrators, resellers and website owners to control the their website and administrate their servers through a website browser.

In addition to the interface most who have used the system will be familiar with, cPanel also offers API access that allows third party software to be developed against and automate system tasks. Find out more about cPanel here

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Storing your website

In simple terms website hosting is a term used to describe where your website is saved. Your website is a collection of files stored on a hard disk drive, or a solid state drive in some cases, this drive may contain multiple websites all of which are accessed using the the internet.

The hard drive will be in a computer somewhere, this type of computer is called a server. Servers are usually manufactured to be thinner than regular desktop computer towers, this is so that they can be mounted in a rack which allows a lot of servers to be kept in one place. The server will be stored in a remote location and probably connected to the internet with a fast internet connection so that the site can be quickly accessed by your visitors.

Websites are uploaded to servers using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or a web interface such as a content management system. Some people will choose to host their website themselves; however this can cause problems if a lot of people access the site, the website allows visitors to stream video footage, or if the website contains large files.

Other factors can effect the speed of your website loading time, for example a large number of visitors accessing the website at the same time. This can occur when a hacker or group of hackers decides to attack your website and deny others access to it, this is called a DDOS (Deliberate Denial Of Service).

There are different types of website hosting packages that are available. Most small businesses or personal sites will be hosted on a shared server with other similarly demanding websites.

Medium to large organisations may chose to have a dedicated server, which is a hosting package that allows them to have their only their content stored on the server. The main reason for doing this is so that they can have a larger community access their site or sites without disrupting other websites hosted on the server.

The final type of hosting I’m going to briefly outline is reseller hosting, this is the name given to a hosting package that allows a company to distribute hosting packages to whomever they wish.

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